Property Management Service



Have you brought a property in Italy ?

Do you find that paying bills is a nightmare ?

Are you never there at the correct times of year to pay the bills ?

Do you struggle with the language and find the whole process

complicated ?

If the answer is yes then our service can help you! We are based in the center of Scalea, Northern Calabria and we have a system set up to pay our clients bills for Scalea and all neighboring countries. We will pay the following for you:

  • Electric
  • Telephone and Broadband internet
  • Charges (water, sewer and rubbish)
  • Gas
  • IMU (property tax)
  • Condominium fee

You can check all payments through our website by accessing your private page through the credentials we provide. There you will find the payments made, the credit, the next payments to be made and a section of private messages for urgent communications. The mail and Facebook service is also active.

On request there is also a periodic check-in service for your apartment to prevent bad surprises when you arrive!


So what do you expect? Deliver us your payments and enjoy your holiday in Calabria!

scalea click the “contact” button on our site and send us a request for information or an appointment, we will be happy to provide you with our advice.